Imaginary Parents Adoption Campaign

Motivational Advertising Design

Client Last Chance Ministries

Skills Required Photoshop, InDesign

The Imaginary Parents Adoption Campaign was originally created for a story-telling project as part of my graduate course work. The concept came to me as I was remembering my time in missions work with Ukrainian orphans. I remembered from the moment I stepped off the bus and walked into an orphanage, the children ran up to me, and, not even knowing my name, started calling me “Mama”. For a child who does not have parents, all he can think about and dream about is having someone to call “Mom” or “Dad”. Today, my sister-in-law, Olga Belous, uses the adoption campaign to advertise a hosting and adoption ministry in which she is closely involved. In 2015, the Imaginary Parents Adoption Campaign received a Gold Pensacola ADDY award.

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