Manna Food Pantries
String Art

A poster design made for a non-profit canned food drive

Client Mana Food Pantries

Skills Required Illustrator, Photography, Lightroom, Photoshop

The idea of string art came to me one day when I was scrolling through Pintrest (naturally) and saw a very interesting graphic made out of string. I was impressed, and since I was impressed, there was only one thing to do. I had to challenge this person whom I have never met and come up with something just as awesome. I pitched my idea to Emagination Unlimited and was told that if I wanted to do this on my free time, I would be permitted to use the graphic to design posters. We came to an agreement that it should be done for Manna Food Pantries, a non-profit food drive that Emagination had taken on as a project for a good cause.

The piece was accomplished by first designing the layout in Illustrator. Afterwards, I printed out the line work on a large format printer and pasted it onto foam board. From there, I bought out all of Joann Fabric’s pins and began placing the pins along the lines. This process took A LOT longer than I expected. After 20 hours of pinning, I was ready to place the string. I first started with the bottom layers of basic colors and then added layers of shadowing and dimension. After 50 hours of work in all, my piece was complete.

20 hours of pinning 1700 pins and 30 hours of placing string. In the end it was worth it. Patience was key.
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